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Had enough of repeatedly giving up booze only to keep returning to the old cycles? Want to end the anguish and give yourself the chance to be the best you can? Do you know that group healing won’t work with you?

Beat alcohol on your own is a new approach to combating drinking made even more necessary, right now, from its increase due to greater home working. The method ensures the reader’s drinking will reduce towards zero in a personalised, safe, controlled way. Central is the strategy of Planned Relapses, which gives a sturdy staff on which to lean as overall drinking is managed downwards through the following of three simple Oaken Rules. The realpolitik of the difficulties in stopping drinking is faced square on as every scenario where temptation may arise along the path is mitigated by the deployment of an arsenal of tactical interventions.

Ultimately the goal – MUNDUS IN CLARITATE! is attained.

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